3 Easy Ways To Burgle-Proof Your Home Windows

3 Easy Ways To Burgle-Proof Your Home Windows

3 Easy Ways To Burgle-Proof Your Home Windows

Windows are one of the common entryways through which a burglar gains access to a property without any forced break-in. The foremost thing he’ll do is checking all the doors and windows to find an unbolted one through which he can carry a theft easily. To make sure that your family, belongings, and valuables remain protected against intruder attacks, its crucial to burgle-proof each and every corner of your property, including the windows. You can hire a residential locksmith to install locks and deadbolts that resist unwanted and forced entries.

Some ways to burgle-proof the windows are:

  • Install Window Bars

    Window bars are actually common iron bars that are installed on the windows to prevent entry of a person. By installing iron bars at a closer distance, the window area gets diminished which doesn’t allow even a kid to jump through. Even if a thief succeeds at smashing the glass pane, he won’t be able to squeeze the iron bars, unless they are damaged. If you believe that installing window bars can ruin the beauty of your property, opt for customized decorative bars that match your home style.

  • Reinforce The Windows

    Alike doors and other home openings, windows are also crucial elements that should be focused upon. If you are living in a crime prone area, there are great chances that your carelessness of not closing or locking the windows will cost you much more than you ever expected. In case, your home windows are old or damaged, get them replaced with aluminum or tempered glass ones which are comparatively more durable. You can also secure your existing windows with roller shutters, security film or screens.

  • Install Security System With Motion Sensors

    A high level security system installation is the need of the hour. No matter, you are living in a posh area or a suburban one, fully monitored smart locks are responsible for securing your premises against unwanted burglaries. For better security and safety, its advised to install lights and alarms that turn on itself whenever a motion is detected is near the windows. This means you’ll be alerted every time someone climbs over your window or accesses the main door.

These are some ways to burgle-proof the windows to ensure that you remain protected against forced break-ins. If you are planning to improve the security of your home by replacing the existing locks with branded ones, don’t hesitate to call our expert locksmiths at Max Locksmith in Winnipeg.